With a noble gold shimmer the silk scarf lies softly and snugly around your shoulders. The silk for the large and lavish shawl comes from the Egyptian Akhmim. The production of silk has a centuries-old tradition here. The first pieces date back to the 6th-7th century. In Cairo the silk is dyed exclusively with natural colours and processed in an antique wood printing technique. At the edges the cloth is additionally embroidered with a shiny golden brown silk thread. Please also watch the video below for the elaborate dyeing and printing process. The motifs all come from nature and are reminiscent of trees and birds.

As a warming and decorative shawl, the lavish scarf adorns you on spring nights. In summer, a striking and great pareo is knotted around the hip in the twinkling of an eye. Get to know your new favourite and give your look an exciting highlight.


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