Colorful beaded case with yellow-blue ethno pattern

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In this colourful case embroidered with ethno elements, cosmetics, jewellery and other small items can be stored well and securely. It offers enough space for all important things and at the same time is a beautiful accessory in a boho look. A colourful, embroidered stripe pattern with small pearls gives the cosmetic bag an individual style. Casual and elegant at the same time, it suits every occasion. As a storage place for mascara and lipstick at parties as well as a pencil case in the office, it cuts a fine figure and shows style. So you always have all your important objects at hand. An integrated zipper with a pretty blue tassel on the zipper allows safe storage and makes the pearl case even more of a practical eye-catcher. The natural colours make it conspicuous, but not intrusive and give the owner a touch of irresistible Boho charm.

LxW: 17×10 cm

Material: cotton with glass beads

Origin: Egypt, South Sinai

You want to know more about Sandmade and our Bedouin producers? Check out the blog post: “Sustainability – Bedouin Style.

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