Altrose Cosmetic Bag with Delicate Flower Embroidery

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This altrose cosmetic bag with delicate flower embroidery is a must-have for women and girls who travel a lot. Ideal for your travel cosmetics and toiletries. This bag is small but spacious and can be used for make-up or pens as well as for transporting everyday items such as keys, change and smartphones. Smokers use the bags for tobacco and turning utensils.

Whether you go to the beach or go on a city trip, make your trip glamorous with our indispensable bags and cases. Pack the essentials in our travel wallets and keep your beauty items together with our cosmetic bags.

This carefully crafted bag comes from the St. Catherine’s area in the south of Sinai. The Bedouin women of the region master the embroidery techniques that have already been forgotten. Fortunately, there are some women’s cooperatives that continue the traditional work and pass on the knowledge.

Size: 24x15cm
Materials: cotton with embroidery and glass beads
Closure: Zipper
Origin: Egypt

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