Beautiful ethno backpack with embroidery and two extra compartments

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This unique backpack can be easily combined with your favourite pieces due to its noble black. Two separate compartments provide for colourful loosening up and attract enthusiastic glances with their impressive embroidery. One compartment has a colourful ethno look, embroidered with small decorative beads and a zipper so that nothing can get lost. The second compartment captivates with a large, strikingly embroidered lid flap designed with decorative beads, on which 9 tassels provide playful elegance.

Fast stowage and high wearing comfort

The main compartment is provided with two blue braided cords, which also end in decorative tassels. This makes opening and closing the backpack quick and easy. Two well-worked carrying straps, high-quality fabric and impressive embroidery make it a long-lasting and beautiful companion in everyday life and when going out.

LxWxD: 44x40x10cm

Material: cotton with pearl embroidery

Origin: South Sinai, Egypt